Sams Club Credit Card Review

The Sams Club Credit Card is very easy to apply to and offers three types of cards. The first is the Sam’s Advantage Member, the Sam’s Club Discover Earn Cash Back and the Sam’s Club Discover Earn Miles. As the name suggests, this Credit Card is only useful at the Sam’s Club establishment.

Sams Club Perks
Chances are the Sams Club credit card review that you will find talks about the “no annual fee” perk, which is the best feature of this card. It’s best used by those who frequently purchase in the Sams Club and already have Sams membership card especially since it also doubles as the credit card. Unlike most cards, Sams Club renews itself automatically each year, making it unnecessary to go through all the paperwork when renewing. However, for those who want to discontinue their card, this feature could be problematic.

The remaining perks of the card are pretty minimal compared to other credit cards today. Since affiliated with Wal-Mart, users also have the option to utilize the card in this store although that’s the limit of the credit card’s use.

Cash Back Offer
The credit card also provides fraud liability and offers the 2% cash back option in the Discover Earn Cash Back card. However, the catch is that the 2% is only applicable for those who spend more than 10,000USD in purchases for a year. For those who reach 1,500USD, the cash back would be around 0.25% which is still a good thing but hardly substantial.

Shopping and Travel
The credit card also offers airline miles, allowing users to earn one mile for every dollar spent. Of course, this is only applicable to the Sams Club Discover Earn Miles card.

The price of gas in Sams using their credit card also command a lower price for the buyer, making it ideal for those who constantly need their vehicles filled.

Sams Club Credit Card Interest Rate
The Sams Club credit card can be placed along the middle when it comes to their interest rate of 18.5%. One thing to keep in mind though is that when it comes to this card, on time payments is crucial, otherwise the interest rate could be as high as 28%.

Why Get a Sam’s Club Credit Card?
For those who frequently shop at Sam’s Club, getting their credit card is a good idea to enjoy the perks of the company. This is especially true since Sam’s Club doesn’t accept any other credit except their own which can be a hassle for those who do not automatically have cash on hand.

As previously mentioned above, purchasing gas with the use of this card is cheaper which is incredibly ideal with the price of gas steadily rising nowadays.

Payment for Sams Clubs
Payment for purchases can be done prior to the end of the month with a still-reasonable interest rate. However, being late with the payments usually have unwanted penalties in the form of a very high interest rate.

The Verdict
For those who constantly purchase in Sams Club, availing of their credit card is a good thing. The number of perks is good enough reason for the store’s patrons. However, for those who don’t but often would be much better off using another credit card for their purchases and use cash for any items bought in Sams. The perks are not worth the interest rate for the non-patrons of the establishment.

To sum it up, the Sams Club credit card pros and cons include:

– No annual fee
– Earn mile or cash back
– Cheap gas
– Membership card doubles as the credit card

– Cash back only applicable once a year
– Not enough perks
– Terms and conditions not publicly available
– High interest rate in case of late payment