Sams Club Gift Card

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sams Club Gift Card

The Good points about Sams Club Gift Card:

  • Sams Club Gift Card Never expires,and has No hidden fees
  • Free shipping
  • Scratch off security
  • Online Balance Inquiry
  • Purchase card in-store or online
  • Redeemable in-store and online
  • Purchase in amounts between $10 and $2500
  • Redeemable in-store at all locations

Not Good points about Sams Club Gift Card:

  • Must create account to check balance online
  • Not replaceable if lost of stolen
  • Not reloadable
  • Not redeemable for cash unless required by law
  • Not refundable
  • No Gift Card FAQ webpage
  • Not refundable
  • Not accepted as payment for a payment on any credit account balance