Sam’s Club Membership

Today’s times are tough. Whether it be because of the newest family addition or a job layoff, money is hard to come by these days. So when it comes to food and other needs, you would tend to grab it when budget permits so you can save as much as you can. Hence, the emergence of a wholesale club such as Sams club is a breath of fresh air. Therefore, having Sam’s Club Membership can help you save more money.

Sam’s Club Story
Sam’s Club is basically a by-membership-only warehouse club and is operated by Wal-Mart. The very first Sam’s Club opened in Oklahoma in 1983 and was named so after its founder Sam Walton. They have almost 600 stores in almost all the states (except for Oregon and Vermont) with about 130 locations internationally (Brazil, Mexico and China are some of them.)

Sam’s Club Membership Levels

They have 5 membership levels. Each level has different benefits, with additional rewards on some products:

  • Advantage ($40 per year)
  • Collegiate ($40 per year)
  • Business ($35 per year)
  • Advantage PLUS ($100 per year)
  • Business PLUS ($100 per year)

So, as you can see Sam’s Club Membership comes with a cost but it can help you save more money in the long run. Although there are some similarities to the local grocery store, Sam’s is really nothing like them. You can get 6 whole pound packs of chicken wings for a mere $10. (It can last you for a month too.) Getting bags of diapers at wholesale prices is a lot cheaper. They have a household section, jewelry, electronics and practically every type of merchandise that can’t be found in your usual grocery.

But the fun of shopping at Sam’s doesn’t stop there. If you do your shopping on Fridays or Saturdays, they have specials where juice and food tasting samples appear. So you get to sample new products and get full at the same time. They have a food section should you need to take a break from all that shopping – good food you can enjoy but with not-so-costly a price tag.

The store’s layout is much like a warehouse, but it is very organized. It is easy to browse through the shelves.

The staff is also a very helpful bunch. They assist the customer’s well and they never run out of people to lend out a hand. Also, one of the best things a consumer can do is to get a Sam’s Club Credit Card – you can get the items on credit with some rewards on the side.

Buying in bulk is the way to go, but if you can’t seem to imagine finishing pounds of meat in a few weeks time, then you can ask someone else to share the cost with you. With your Sam’s Club Membership, you can take advantage of the price, buy by bulk and budget a month of consumables in the easiest way possible.