Sams Credit Card

There are so many people who are searching for new ways to save money on household expenses in order to be able to cope with financial hardships. Many people have come to gain a new respect for discount stores such as the Sam’s Club and make their ways to obtaining an application for the Sams Credit Card. The Sams Club Credit Card-Business Discover becomes a pretty great choice, when you have to think of some ways to do things on the cheap side and you have to do it very quickly. The Sams Credit Card is usually chosen because nowadays many people realize that at the Sam’s Club stores they will be able to buy more things for less money when they need to go shopping just by having a store membership card in hand at the time they make their purchases.

So, just how much are people saving when they go shopping with their Sams Club Business Discover Credit Card? That is a Great Question! Here is a quick breakdown that we provided for you on how the cash back savings are being calculated with the Sams Club Business Discover Credit Card according to the amount of customer spending:

  • Up to $1,500 – 0.25%
  • $1,500.01 – $3,000 0.50%
  • $3,000.01 – $5,000 1.00%
  • $5,000.01 – $10,000 1.75%
  • $10,000.01 – $250,000 2.00%

Sams Credit Card Details:

Regular APR: 15.15% – 23.15%
Balance Transfer APR: 0% – 0%
Annual Fee: $0
Late Fee: $35
Balance Transfer Fee: $0
Cash Advance Fee: $5
Cash Advance Rate: 3%
Minimum Interest Charge: $2

Unfortunately, a lot of people who use their Visa or MasterCard more are disappointed to find out that the Sam's Club has an exclusive deal with the Discover Card Company for their brand of rewards card for their stores. This is disappointing due to the fact that the Discover card isn't accepted anymore in as many places as it used to be. The rumor has it that because of their exclusive deal with Discover Company for their brand of rewards cards, even if you choose not to have a Sams Credit Card – Business Discover or any of their other cards, you can still just make purchases in Sam's Club stores with any Discover card and it will be honored just the same.

One thing that they do brag about is that they have first class customer service that is based in the United States. That is an awesome thing thing to consider that they are assisting their own country in not only with great prices at Sam's Club stores but by also by not outsourcing their call center elsewhere which is allowing Americans to have more work opportunities at home.

Even though the Sams Credit Card is managed by GE instead of Discover, they really have made some big strides in order to keep their customer service top notch. So that means that you will not be actually talking to the Discover Card customer service call center agents when you need to speak to someone. This is due to the fact that GE is really the ones who are servicing your calls, handling all of the customer service, answer inquiries and provide information to customers. As a matter of fact GE doesn’t really have such an incredible rapport though as Sam’s Club suggest and seems to enjoy bragging about. Both Discover and Sam’s Club are really incredible companies that have survived the test of time. If you are going to decide on the Sams Credit Card, just make sure to monitor your cash back points and always keep your account balances intact in order to avoid the interest rate. If you are not really spending much with Sam’s Club, then all of your efforts to get a Sams Credit Card are probably not going to gain you any real extra benefits but if you are a frequent Sam’s Club shopper than having a Sams Credit Card can help you save money immediately when shopping at their stores.