Wholesale shoppers curious about the potential rewards and perks that can come with Sam’s Club Mastercard might be a little disappointed unless filling their gas tanks is a bigger expense than filling up your house.


Since 1993, financial services company Synchrony Bank has provided retail financing for Sam’s Club, a large warehouse club. Synchrony Bank currently issues the Sams Club credit card and Sams Club Mastercard.

The key benefit of this card is its 5% cashback rate on gas, where it surpasses Citi’s competing Costco Anywhere Visa card as one of the best gas credit cards. The dinner cashback is great too, Plus members get 3% back on qualifying purchases when they shop at the club or digitally through Sam’s Club using their Sam’s Club Mastercard and another 2% back on their Plus membership, for up to 5% total rewards.


On qualifying purchases. However, the refund is only given once a year and must be redeemed at the store if you wish to use it outside of Sam’s Club.

Any business or individual who makes regular purchases at Sam’s Club can benefit from Sam’s Club credit cards. Members of Sam’s Club who are looking for a credit card for business use would benefit from using one of Sam’s Club’s credit cards.

You can use this credit dispute letter template to file a dispute with one of the credit bureaus directly if Samsclub/SYNCB was included on your credit report by mistake. All credit bureaus that are reporting the mistaken hard inquiry or credit account should receive your letter.

However, members would benefit more if they specifically apply for one of Sam’s Club Mastercard credit cards. Benefits on gasoline, food, travel, and other purchases can earn the member a good amount of money if used. To maximize all available benefits, members must purchase a Sam’s Club Mastercard and a Sam’s Plus membership.