The Sam’s Club loyalty card offers almost no benefits, but Mastercard does offer some benefits that frequent Sam’s Club customers can take advantage of.


In addition to the card type, the amount of cashback you receive is determined by the type of purchases you make with the card. Sams Club Credit Cards and Walmart stores accept any type of card and can be accessed online.

Sams Club Credit Card Benefits

Registration Bonus

Both cards offer a $45 credit when you make a purchase of $45 or more at Sam’s Club on the day the account is opened.

Card Convenience

Sams Club credit cards duplicate your membership card so you don’t have to carry two cards in your wallet.

Special Financing

Cash access is available to Sam’s Club cardholders. You can visit any Sam’s Club or Walmart lane to access up to $100 of cash in $20 increments. Accessing cash is treated as a purchase (most cards charge a higher APR for cash advances), but you are limited to one cash advance per day.Sams-Club-Credit-Card-Benefits

Fraud Liability

If your card is lost or stolen, you are not responsible for any charges incurred.

No Annuity

Sam’s Club does not charge an annual fee for any of the cards. However, you must pay for a Sam’s Club membership to be a cardholder. Basic membership to Sam’s Club is $45, while membership to Sam’s Club Plus is $100.

Sam’s Club Mastercard Benefits

The Sam’s Club Mastercard offers all the benefits of the Sam’s Club loyalty card, plus some additional benefits.

Sam’s Club Rewards

If you have a Sam’s Club Mastercard, you can receive a maximum of $5,000 in cash back per year. Receive 5% cash rewards on up to $6,000 on fuel purchases at all participating locations worldwide; 3% reimbursement on travel and food expenses; and 1% cashback on all other purchases.

The cashback will be issued from February and must be redeemed as a credit to the account. You must be a current member of Sam’s Club and your card must be current; Otherwise, you will lose your rewards.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

Since you pay no fees abroad, you can use your Sam’s Club Mastercard to shop and earn points on the go.