Following a review of many sites. These Frequently Asked Questions can be helpful for your future reference whenever problems arise. You can also contact customer support with further information and queries. The Q&A provided here should be able to answer any questions you may have.


Common Questions

What is the process for applying for Sam’s Club credit card?

Signing up for Sam’s Club is the first step to getting a Sams Club credit card. Using your membership information, you can apply for Sam’s Club credit card. It is also possible to purchase items in-store or online at Sam’s Club.

Where can I use my Sam’s Club credit card?

You can only use a Sam’s Club card at Sam’s Clubs or Walmart stores. Nevertheless, the Sam’s Club Mastercard is just as easy to apply for and is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

My credit card bill from Sam’s Club needs to be paid where?

Yes, you can pay your outstanding balance at any Sam’s Club cashier or member counter, Walmart cashier, or over the phone. Just call the number on the back of your card. Payments from clubs and stores are posted to the account on the same day.

How do I redeem my Sam’s Club credit card rewards?

You can redeem your cash rewards at any Sam’s Club store, including Scan & Go transactions (some restrictions may apply; check the screen when redeeming your rewards) and at samsclub.com. You must be a current member of Sam’s Club to redeem your cash rewards and your card account must be open, non-defaulted, and verified at the time of redemption.

Should I apply for the Sam’s Club Mastercard?

People who are already members of Sam’s Club Plus and spend a lot of money at Sam’s Club would benefit most from the Sam’s Club Mastercard. If a Sam’s Club membership doesn’t make sense for your particular spending situation, then the Sam’s Club Mastercard card probably doesn’t make sense either.

For casual Sam’s Club shoppers, using a card with a high win rate on all purchases might be the best option.