Sam’s Club Mastercard cashback levels are quite flexible, especially when compared to Costco card level limits. While there’s an odd $5,000 refund cap per year, that’s probably not an issue as you’ll need to spend over $150,000 on the Gas and Restaurant categories to accomplish this feat. However, there are some important restrictions on redeeming rewards that you should be aware of.


Sams Club Cash Refund Scheme

Make Money

Their main sources of cashback on Sams Club credit cards are 5% back on gas (up to $6,000 per year, then 1%) and 3% back on restaurants and catering bonus categories. Sam’s Club Plus members can earn 3% back on eligible purchases when shopping at the Club or digitally through Sam’s Club using their Sam’s Club Mastercard card and earn an additional 2% on their Plus membership, for up to 5% off total rewards in Qualifying Purchases.



For what it’s worth, this card has no bonus tier restrictions like the Costco card, like the Costco bakery and inn exclusions. And unlike the Costco card, Sam’s Club Mastercard doesn’t exclude other private-label gas stations from the fuel rewards category. In addition, certain restaurant credit card award categories exclude restaurant services that you expressly agree to in the Sam’s Club Card terms and conditions. If you run a small business or use your Sam’s Club membership to prepare for events, this can be especially useful.

Money Back

As Sam’s Club no longer issues check discounts and you cannot immediately deposit them into a bank account, you only have until December 31 of each year to redeem your rewards. Sam’s Club Cashback can be used for Sam’s Club point of sale and online purchases, membership upgrades or renewals, or credits to your card. But if you want cash, you have to go to a Sam’s Club store and exchange it in person at a cash register or member service desk.

You should carefully consider these obstacles before signing up, as you will forfeit any rewards you earned before February if you cancel your card or membership.